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Simple CAD for 3D Printing

Empowering students and makers to build great things.

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Features parametric


Create 3D models with exact measurements. Update models by going back and updating previous dimensions.

Features cloud


Design right in the browser with Google Chrome on any Mac or PC. Work is saved in the cloud and can be downloaded as a STL file for 3D printing.

Features educational


Easy accessibility and advanced CAD functionality makes it the perfect tool for students to learn engineering and design.

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For the Students and Makers

As an engineering student, my imagination was captured with the possibilities of 3D printing. The problem was I couldn't find a CAD program that was designed for me. I just wanted to be able to easily build things and not be overwhelmed with educationally licensed software. It led me to pursue this venture - to advance our 3D printed future by creating a simple parametric CAD program that is free and accessible to all.

Coming off of a masters degree from Carnegie Mellon, I was accepted to build Honeycomb at the 1776 startup campus in Washington DC. As the sole founder, I've been able to program Honeycomb to its current state on minimal funding and lots of PB&J's.

The progress so far has been great! Honeycomb is currently in a private beta, collaborating with testers to improve and add features. With your help, I am excited to build on this innovative tool so that all students and makers can design a better world.

You can read more about Honeycomb's story at Solidsmack.

Warm Regards,

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Kenan O'Keefe

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